“C.I.P.A..T.”, to this day, is a consortium made up of 40 schools, including several courses of studies, with a certain predominance of hotel-management and catering schools.

The Consortium was established  2002  thanks to the iniziative of 12  schools, that were determinated to collaborate in various fields of common interest, as specified in the Statute.

Recently (Dec. 2007) this Statute has been modified, its aims and its name completed and its institutional bodies updated.

CIPAT’s leading course of action, to this day, envolves following fields:

1. fight of school wastage,  with projects that complete education with vocational training; in this field CIPAT has already organized initiatives that have been well awarded by the Regional Authorities. A regional Coordination of experiences and good practices has been set up and a regional Meeting is going to take place very soon. To this theme has been linked the Projet School inclusion, a Comenius Project for the elaboration of a handbook for fighting schoolwastage. A meeting will be soon organized among formative Agencies, with the common aim of creating a shared plattform concerning the integration between education and vocational training.

2. The reform of the Technical and Professional Education, in order to optimize the integration of the institutes with the demands of the territorial development and in this world the identifying of the pole-schools for a technical professional training, including the various exit levels, up to the higher technical formation. To this purpose the consortium is activating itself for including the whole universe of the Tuscan professional institutes, in order to englobe, as already now it happens, all courses of study; and it is wide open also towards the other institutes of higher education (starting from the technical institutes) that are interested in its aims and in its activities. We deal with the Regional Authorities concerning the problem of the Third year,  credits and re-entering and  Recognizements.

3. organizational and professional quality emprovement of the adherent schools, carrying out projects for adopting quality models (CAF/BSC), with a shared action of teachers’ training, coordination and exchange of didactic experiences as innovating teaching tools (bench-learning) enhancing all excellences both among teachers and students.

4. participation in external iniziatives, aimed to territorial promotion and development,  that make possibile that the education quality gets positive effects on its members: building  partnerships in european projects, managing cooperation iniziatives with “Misericordia di Firenze” on the theme “disability” and supporting developing countries, agreements, activities with territorial Authorities, etc.

Latest News

New project to focus on the impact of mobility!

The past 24th and 25th of January, 2014, the consortium of the MOB G.A.E. project celebrated its Kick-Off meeting. The 2 year project, co-funded by the European Union, aims to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences in the personal and professional lives of  former participants and organisations/people dealing with mobility.

T-Tactic@school project completed!

The T-Tactic@school project offiically ended at the end of September 2013.  However, the T-Tactic@school consortium continues to implement the manual within its daily work and among its network of partners. Also, the T-Tactic@school Manual and useful annexes can be downloaded for free in The Manual section of the website.  

If you are interested in news on the follow-up of this project, please contact that Project Coordinator (Silvia Volpi) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.