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Address: Calçada do Garcia, 29, 1º dto, 1150-167 Lisboa - Portugal

We are specialist training agency working in collaboration with a large number of other European training organizations. We are based on Linguistic and Professional Training within the European Community, established in 2002.

With experience in the field of professional training, educational tours and language training, we offer programmes for participants (especially young participants, 18 years), who want to learn Portuguese language and work as trainees in local companies.

Our aim is to internationalise education by creating a Europe-Wide Network of Training and Learning without frontiers.

We also serve as a consultancy on all aspects of European Cooperation, initiatives and development projects as well as on a labour market issues and new local vocational approaches (Lifelong Learning Sectorial Programmes, YOUTH in Action...)

Our activities are focused upon Education and Training; organising incoming programmes to Portugal: Language courses and practical training in Portuguese local companies. We also work with technical visits programmes in all sectors of activity.

Latest News

New project to focus on the impact of mobility!

The past 24th and 25th of January, 2014, the consortium of the MOB G.A.E. project celebrated its Kick-Off meeting. The 2 year project, co-funded by the European Union, aims to evaluate and disseminate the impact of international mobility experiences in the personal and professional lives of  former participants and organisations/people dealing with mobility.

T-Tactic@school project completed!

The T-Tactic@school project offiically ended at the end of September 2013.  However, the T-Tactic@school consortium continues to implement the manual within its daily work and among its network of partners. Also, the T-Tactic@school Manual and useful annexes can be downloaded for free in The Manual section of the website.  

If you are interested in news on the follow-up of this project, please contact that Project Coordinator (Silvia Volpi) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.